Dream dug up treasure! Coins, icon, wine. Elevator to the underground. Interpretation of a dream I dug up a treasure! Coins,

It turns out that already yesterday, May 8, I had a dream in which I dripped the earth with several people, I saw there was brickwork, some kind of structure, from there I took out a large wooden box (earlier they kept potatoes in such).

In the box there are a lot of rectangular small paper boxes, opening them I find that they are chock-full of coins, they are mostly large, but they eat less, there are gold in color and silver in appearance. The denomination is remembered at 100 on large ones, these coins have long been out of circulation, Soviet and the times of the 90s. I will not say for sure, as I understood they from different times. There are even more ancient. I also later notice that the box is mostly filled with paper boxes, which, in turn, are filled with coins, and from their found treasure they took out some kind of icon, a bottle of an unusual look, like with wine.) I hear someone say that this box was buried by my grandfather, who, by the way, died a long time ago in 1999.)

Next came a dream where I am in some kind of ancient cave (or rather, as I understood it, it was an elevator made in a cave, as if carved out of stone by artisan craftsmen. This elevator was huge, at the top on the ceiling there were massive stone icicles (thorns) artificially created, they supposedly served to crush uninvited guests (like films about the plundering of gopbnits), but I immediately noticed that the distance between these thorns would allow me to stay in alive, if, suddenly, the ceiling and the floor begin to close together. To the left, at eye level, there was a beautiful cultural installation made of stone, and like a grotto from where there was light, to the right there was a deep cave (a hole going clearly down the vertical of a yellow-gold color and, as it were, a waterfall nearby. And closer to the cliff, the ground was like dug up, along which I came closer in order to look, the ground began to slide down, I carefully began to climb back from the cliff so as not to fall. (in this cave I was not alone there was one more person with me at least). Everything that was there was in harmony with each other. The voice of a man said that this place was built a very long time ago by an ancient people. For some reason there was a mention about the peoples of the Caucasus. Allegedly, their style, but not typical for our region (so the voice stifled).

These two dreams followed one after the other, or rather, first a dream about a cave, after finding a treasure box, then again returning to the cave, where I touched and examined all the details.

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