Dream Dungeon. Sleep Interpretation Dungeon Free Online

It’s happening in the city. Mom and I are walking along the mound.. Path, bushes. And suddenly I fall underground and find myself at the bottom of a ventilation shaft of some dungeon (looks like a bomb shelter) . Mom upstairs. Well, I think now she’ll get me out somehow. And she is already standing next to me.. By the way, she doesn’t look like my mom at all, but this is her.

There are many passages underground, people live there who do not seek to come to the surface. They are good in the dungeon, but I want to get out. An elevator leads to the top, and if you look closely, it’s just a door. Day outside the door. There are some people in the yard that many are afraid of. A man without a face.. It is sealed with a cloth, and under it there is a burn. I fight my fear – in fact, the man is not dangerous. Those who were with me go further, they got out. I’m going back to the dungeon. The girls hold out the bag and I pick up two handfuls of peanuts. In the yard there are cages with large parrots and guinea pigs. I lingered to feed them.

Online interpretation of sleep Dungeon

It’s great that you fell into your own subconscious, there is a lot of information.

This is the part of your world where fears lurk. You don’t want to deal with them, you want to get out. But! You looked into their faces – the enemy is disarmed.

Do not hope that mom will help – very often it is mothers who lay us in childhood delusions, which we are guided by later in life, and for some reason we have her (!? ) does not add up as we would like. You have to learn to separate yourself from your mother: to recognize inharmonious programs of the subconscious in the face.

You are decidedly afraid of appearing to the world in an unsightly way, "bad", one that would attract disapproving attention, repel, condemn? It may be a fear of a dysfunctional fate, rejection. In a word, fear of non-recognition (burn of the face).

You subconsciously hold (cells) information that does not provide anything of value (parrots).

Guinea pigs? – You are not inclined to sacrifice yourself? May not tolerate conflicts? Overly compliant?

Feed – encourage in yourself.

You didn’t make it, because it’s probably important to be here again. The door is in sight.

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